Bonus Feature ‘Gift’ Brewster!

MESSAGE BONUS FEATURE: As the doc was delayed we were able to add an extra feature to the bonus disc – this was originally going to be on 500 discs only (the first 500 in fact as stated on this page) BUT due to the additional delays we were able to add the feature to all discs as a thank you to everyone. We also added 1000 posters to random parcels (there has been some confusion here that the posters were the gift – thats our fault as we weren’t aware that the bonus feature had made the deadline until the disc was printed).
The bonus feature is an exclusive never before published audio interview with special effects artist Rob Cantrell who tragically died during filming. We really wanted to add this and were told we could to a limit of 500 discs that were being authored. We are really happy that everyone gets the chance to have this feature. It’s pretty rough audio but an important part of FN’s legacy and a tribute to Rob.

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