Lost in the Shadows: Important Information


We wanted to highlight the issues that some INTL customers have received with shipping on Lost in the Shadows: The Story of The Lost Boys.

We would first like to point out that this is not a spine issue or a defect issue. Each book is quality assured before packing as each foiled signed sticker is inserted individually. Any books with defects including dents and scratches are put aside as defect books to be sold at a lower price later. We do not ship defected books to customers. Our books are limited and we have raised concerns about INTL shipping and the mishandling of our books in our ‘Important Information’ section of our site. This section is signposted to customers on each product page before purchasing.
The Important Information page is clear on how we package books, complaints, INTL shipping, refunds and returns. Customers should read this before purchasing as signposted to.
The damage to the books is internal damage caused by pressure on the boxes in transit resulting in the cover being shifted due to weight. This is not due to the packaging or the spine. With over 1400 books shipped worldwide unfortunately it is inevitable that some books will be damaged. As per our Important Information section we cannot be held responsible for damage caused in INTL transit.
Below is how the printers produce our books:
Blue proof and digital proof check before printing →printing→fold pages →collate→sewing→bundle →planish→ brush gum on the spine by machine→die-cut when day→glue head band →glue paper on the spine→book cover casing in →creasing the joint→planish→ drying→ quality control
The printers quality check on each process, those flawed will be picked out then go on next process. The printers have rich experience in the printing field more than 18 years, especially in specialised book printing. They are reliable suppliers, producing books for customers/branded company around the world. Quality is assured.
We charge £16 for INTL postage when in fact postage costs us £16:50 and does not include handling and packaging. In furture we will be restricted our INTL postage as we cannot guarantee the safety of parcels once they leave the UK. There will be an insured option and prices will vary from country to country.
Customers can return the books and receive a full refund, but as per our returns policy on our site will cannot be held responsible for return postage costs. This must be completed by Friday 3rd November 2017.
Many thanks,
Cult Screenings UK Ltd

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