Lost in the Shadows has arrived at Cult Screenings HQ after over 3 weeks in UK customs.

What happens next….
- labels are sent to author Paul Davis to sign (first 1000) and then sent back to CS
- all addresses are double checked
- packaging is labelled and customs notices (where appropriate) are added
- books are labelled and packaged
- books are deposited to Royal Mail

Royal Mail will process the books in country order this ensures that:
1. They are handled carefully
2. They are shipped in a timely and efficient manner
Please note that this part of the process cannot be rushed as it will inevitably lead to delays and issues.

Country order will be:
1. UK
2. Europe
3. USA
4. International

The first lot of books should start shipping from Saturday – we anticipate it should take approx 10 days to process all 1100 books

Delivery times vary but estimates are:
1. UK 1-2 days
2. Europe 3-5 days
3. USA 7-12 days
4. Intl 7-14 days
Some countries such as Brazil and South America can take up to 28 days to deliver.

The books are here and they look amazing – thank you for your patience and continued support.

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